Handmade in Brighton, United Kingdom.


About our natural toothpaste


truthpaste is the UKs first zero-waste and cruelty free mineral based toothpaste. Each handmade jar contains the finest grade of bentonite clay, combined with organic neem and aloe vera, myrrh and a unique blend of essential oils.

The innovative formula was designed utilising Ayurvedic wisdom and modern research to harness the medicinal properties of its botanical ingredients. truthpaste has strong anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help fight the bacteria that cause decay, gingivitis and gum disease.

Unlike conventional or other natural toothpastes, truthpaste does not contain any foaming agents, emulsifiers, thickening agents or artificial colorants. Each ingredient is chosen for its health benefit.


This revolutionary toothpaste challenges the preconceptions of how toothpaste should feel, taste and function.

For more information visit our Ingredients page or see What we don’t Use



Our Values

We like to run our business with a few simple and clear guidelines. Below are some promises we intend to keep.


​We will always be honest about the ingredients we use.


We will be open about why we chose not to use ingredients more commonly found in toothpaste. 

We will not use any ingredients that we don’t believe to have a health benefit.

We will always make sure we provide you the best quality products we can.

We will use organic ingredients where possible.

We will use sustainable and recyclable packaging, and avoid plastic. 

We will not use ingredients that are unsustainable, or that its farming or production causes harm to our environment.

We will not use any animal products, nor test on animals.

Marisa’s Story:

“I had never dreamed I would be owning my own business, especially in the toothpaste business!”

The story begins in 2013 when I had the worse toothache of my life. I fear the dentist and tend to avoid them unless necessary, but this pain was so bad i felt I had to succumb to an emergency appointment. I finally had relief from the pain... until the anaesthetic wore off. Through desperation and the suggestion of a friend I began online research into home dentistry, eventually stumbling across information that led me to to make a toothpaste. 

I was already rubbing clove oil onto my sore tooth, but then went to my cupboard  and found neem leaf powder, coconut oil, tea tree oil and more clove oil. I mixed it into a paste and began brushing. It tasted HORRIBLE! My mouth was green and muddy looking but the pain was lessening. I brushed that evening and the next morning and later that day i realised the pain had gone! 


I decided to continue experimenting to make it more appealing. Various jars of various concoctions were slowly piling up in my bathroom. A few friends seemed interested in what I was doing and I was giving out different formulas in empty spice jars until one person said I should turn this into a business. 

Fast forward just over a year of experimenting and loads of research, I found a recipe I was happy with. My aim was to find something that I felt worked in comparison to my original toothpaste, yet was much more appealing in taste, colour and texture.  

With the help of the Prince’s Trust I was given support to make truthpaste a reality. I had never dreamed I would be owning my own business, especially in the toothpaste business! We have customers throughout Europe and the feedback we have received has been incredible! If you’re yet to try truthpaste I hope that you enjoy it and it helps with your oral health as it helps mine. If you are already a customer, thank you very much for supporting us!


Marisa, founder of truthpaste