Handmade in Brighton, United Kingdom.


What we don't use 

As well as ensuring we use the best ingredients for your teeth and gums, we make sure that we stay clear of anything that isn't natural or good for your oral health. Unlike most toothpaste brands you won't find these in truthpaste:


We have managed to avoid the use of preservatives by not using water. There's antimicrobial & antibacterial ingredients in truthpaste to prevent bacteria growing. It has a long shelf life without adding any extra chemicals.


Although natural, glycerin can coat your teeth and prevent them from bathing in saliva, which is your bodys natural protection against cavities. Saliva helps neutralise acids in your mouth and can help carry minerals. Most natural toothpastes still contain glycerin. Not truthpaste.


Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate are foaming agents used in industrial cleaners, shampoos, showergels and handwashes. More and more companies are promoting cosmetic products without these ingredients as they are a harmful skin irritants. Why put them in your mouth? 


Triclosan is used as an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent. However some research suggests its hormone disrupting, particularly in development and reproduction. Despite contrasting evidence, we at truthpaste believe it shouldn't be in toothpastes, so we don't use it.


Fluorescent green and blue toothpaste? Nope. We dont use colourants nor bleaching agents. Truthpaste is the colour of its natural ingredients.

Emulsifying Agents

There are various chemicals that act as emuslifiers and binders that other toothpaste manufactures use to create the right consistancy of paste. Not us. Why waste precious space in each jar of truthpaste when we dont need to? We pack our jars with 100% good ingredients.